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Welcome to 

Apples and Moore


Closed Tuesday's and Wednesday's



This weeks Schedule:

Monday (10/2): Store open 9AM-6PM, No U-pick, Cider is Buy1 Get1 Free!

Tuesday (10/3): CLOSED

Wednesday (10/4): CLOSED

Thursday (10/5): Store Open 9AM-6PM, No U-pick

Friday (10/6)- Sunday(10/8): Store Open 9AM - 6PM, U-pick will be available while supplies last.

Jams/Jellies and Apple Sauce will be Buy 1 Get 1 Free for the remainder of the year.

Every Family will be limited to one (1) u-pick bag. Pre-bagged Apples will be available in store.
We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this season.

U-Pick Currently Available

  • Red Raspberries

(All varieties available while supplies last).

Important Updates

-This year we will be closing on Tuesday's and Wednesday's every week. Donuts will be available on Thursday - Sunday.

- There will be no u-pick on Monday or Thursdays.

- Apple Cider is available

In-Store Currently Available


  • Snapdragon

  • Empire

  • Gala

  • McIntosh

  • Crimson Crisp

  • Cortland

  • Barlett Pears

  • Flemmish Beauty Pears

(All varieties available while supplies last). 

What We Offer

  • Over Twenty Apple Varieties Available. 

    • Easy picking from the ground, easily accessible to all. No ladders needed as all our fruit is easily accessible.

  • Pears and Plums available seasonally in store.

  • Homemade Apple Cider Donuts made every Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

    • Donuts also made on Labor Day and Columbus Day

  • Our fruit is used to make our own Jams, Jellies and Apple Butter in our processing kitchen.

  • Apple Cider will be available usually beginning in the second week of September.

  • Pumpkins, Squash and Gourds are sold in mass displays up by the sales barn.

  • Maple Syrup and Honey grown by local farmers are sold in our barn throughout the season.

  • Lots of pre-picked fresh apples available in the store.

  • Wagons for easy hauling (picking bags are provided).

  • Senior Citizen discount on Thursdays and Veterans discount on Fridays on u-pick fruit. Come enjoy our farm!


When you enter our apple orchard, there will be lots of memories to be made and shared. Cameras come in handy. Enjoy!

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