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Our Story

Hello Everyone,

My name is Alec Moore, the owner of Apples and Moore. I took over the farm from the Reisinger family in January of 2021.

What began as Reisinger’s Apple Country in the Early 1990’s with the idea to grow enough fruit to pay the property taxes, rapidly grew into 12,000+ trees and a flourishing u-pick apple business.

My story here began in 1998 at the age of 5 helping plant that original acre of apple trees. Then 10 years later I was working with the Reisinger’s nearly full time during the summer and on weekends while in school, where I learned every aspect of the farm and growing operation. Upon completing college I decided to move home to follow my passion for agriculture and this farm I had grown up working on.

 I am beyond grateful for this opportunity to do something I love and continue the great tradition of this business.  Additionally, I look forward to continuing to provide a great experience to our loyal customers.

The goal for our farm is to provide a place where family and friends can experience a beautiful day picking quality apples and fall raspberries on 40 acres of orchards and fields. We grow our apples low to the ground to keep them accessible for all, no need for ladder's or pickers. We pick the higher up apples for our store and cider.

 During crunch times, fall harvest, you will see some familiar faces in our neighbors and friends that make themselves available to help every year. Everyone here at Reisinger’s is dedicated to making sure your experience at the farm is fun, relaxing, educational, and bountiful.

I thank all of our wonderful customers, none of this would be possible without you and I look forward to seeing you all every year to enjoy the apple harvest.

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